Career coaches help job seekers find rewarding careers by providing them with guidance, resources, and support. As more and more people look to hone or acquire skills in a rapidly changing economy, the work of career coaches becomes critical. 

In recognition of coaches’ vital role in the labor market, Skillful and its partners have created two programs to serve and connect them: the Coaching Community of Practice and the Governor's Coaching Corps. 

At Skillful we believe that, as technology increasingly influences the way we work, the human element of coaching will become even more important than it is today. Our goal is to empower coaches with the skills and tools they need to reduce the transactional part of their work, so they can make room for the transformational. 

Governor’s Coaching Corps


The Skillful Governor's Coaching Corps

The Skillful Governor's Coaching Corps, developed in partnership with the state of Colorado, gives coaches tools and training to help them better serve job seekers. This intensive leadership and skills development program brings together exceptional coaches from workforce centers, colleges, high schools, and nonprofit organizations to hone their leadership skills, leverage new practices and technologies, and build a supportive cohort to serve job seekers.

At the end of the program, based on their work, the coaches recommend new policies and practices to state policymakers for potential adoption.


Meet the Corps Members

Join Skillful’s Coaching Community of Practice

By joining Skillful’s Coaching Community of Practice, a no-cost virtual support network for Colorado career coaches, you can build your coaching skills through webinars and peer-led calls. You can share content with your peers, ask questions, discuss tools and resources, and more. 


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Turn more applicants into employees.

Explore Skillful tools your clients can put to work today. They’ll strengthen your conversations with job seekers, helping them identify interests, skills and rewarding work opportunities.


Empower your clients to acquire the foundational academic skills and confidence they need to reach their full potential in school, career and life


Help your clients understand their “competency core” by developing a visual map of their skills directly using their resume as a starting point.

mySkills myFuture

This tool helps job seekers discover how current job skills translate to other occupations. Find career and training matches by job title.

Data USA

Help your clients understand the latest regional economic and labor market data—and where they might potentially fit into the picture—with this highly visual tool.

Big Interview

Help your clients perform better in interviews with this free suite of interactive interview practice questions and video tutorialslife.

Global Freshman Academy

This collaboration between edX and ASU offers for-credit, freshman-level university courses online—providing quality higher education anywhere in the world.

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