Four-year-degree holders aren’t the only great talent available. Expand your hiring to include the other two-thirds of the workforce, as well.

You’ll find more qualified candidates, and instead of focusing exclusively on training, education and years of experience, looking at their skills means finding and retaining people who get the job done.

That’s what skills-based hiring is all about: focusing on the abilities required to do a job. And that’s what Skillful is here to help you do.


Skillful helps you find more, better-qualified candidates.

Skills-based hiring is up to five times more effective than any other method for selecting successful employees.1


Skillful helps reduce recruiting costs and fill open positions faster.

Covidien Health Care, for example, saw hiring costs go down 74% and time-to-hire shrink 38%, simply by switching to a skills-based approach.2


Skillful helps boost retention and employee engagement.

When Mercy Hospitals shifted to a skills-based model for entry-level medical and admin staff, turnover went down 28%.3

What can Skillful do for your business?

We help shift your company from traditional hiring methods (those that focus on specific education or experience requirements) to a skills-based model that matches the modern workforce.

You’ll get training to help you make the transition, plus templates for job descriptions, interviews, and reviews that can help you fill roles and retain employees.









Onboarding & Development

Put Skillful to work.

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